Strategic EVS “Spirit of Asticus” 2017-2020



Foundation Astika:

ASTIKA Foundation is a non-profit youth organization that works for public benefit.

The Foundation was established in 2003 to support and co-operate among territorial communities in the areas of regional development, social cohesion, ensuring equal opportunities for citizens and developing civil society; Promote and strengthen volunteering and promote modern standards for its development; Supporting the educational, information and intercultural exchange of young people and the realization of youth activities.

The main activities of the organization are: informal youth education, youth volunteering, information and counseling, social and youth activities and initiatives. The main topics of the organization in the field of non-formal learning for young people are: European citizenship and democracy, human rights, guaranteeing equal opportunities for all citizens and tolerance; Social Responsibility of Young People; Youth Culture and Street Theater, Environmental and Youth Policy.

The organization has built up expertise in the field of: youth volunteering, including the European Voluntary Service (four successful projects), youth participation, organizing and conducting youth campaigns and initiatives, festivals for youth subculture, Carrousel annual street art festival, shaping youth policies, etc.

Since 2010 the organization is the official organizer of the national competition “Volunteers of the Year”

The target group of the organization is young people aged between 14 and 30 and its main resource is the Bulgarian youth – volunteers belonging to the Astoria volunteer structure, local university students, EVS volunteers, volunteer volunteers. Expert team of the organization and mentors.

Several youth clubs, including: Carrousel youth culture and art, operate in the organization; Environment and urban development; Youth Participation and Initiatives. Clubs are actively involved with students from language schools, theatrical and musical classes, etc.


The organization has its own office and appropriate facilities to carry out EVS activities. The organization successfully implemented 5 EVS projects within the Youth in Action and Erasmus + programs.

Astika is a partner in three youth exchanges under the Erasmus + program. The Astika Foundation has so far welcomed and sent 40 EVS volunteers, including Spain, Portugal, France, Latvia, Italy and Macedonia.

From 2011  The Astika Foundation is a youth information center that provides advice, information, non-formal trainings, campaigns and initiatives for young people from the region,  aged 15 to 29 years.

The organization is a member of the Youth Advisory Council of the Municipality of Burgas.


Foundation Astika point:  42.5084561, 27.4771618

About project:

The project envisages the realization of strategic EVS in Bulgaria under the “Erasmus +” Program, for a period of 36 months.

The Strategic EVS project started on 1 September 2017

EVS activities start on October 1 for 5 volunteers  for 10 months/ with the pportunity to  12 months

The project will finish on 31.08.2020

The goal of the “Spirit of Asticus” project is to create mobility opportunities for 18-30 year olds from Italy, Spain and Turkey by allowing them to express their personal commitment through unpaid volunteer service in the following thematic areas: Creativity and culture, environment and climate change, youth (youth participation). 15 young people from Spain, Italy and Turkey aged between 18 and 30 will participate in the project.

The project envisages activities for preparation of EVS participants, implementation of EVS activities – participation of EVS volunteers in the preparation and realization of initiatives and activities in selected thematic areas, incl. Preparation of an annual Carrousel youth festival for street art, environmental activities and youth participation; Follow-up for evaluation, recognition and dissemination of results. The project envisages complementary activities for its implementation: Workshop, Conference of the Future.

Strategic partnerships with sending organizations from the three Program Countries will be developed for implementation of the project and all methods of non-formal learning for “learning by doing” will be implemented, methods of assessing the impact on participants and the target group as well as dissemination and implementation Results.

The expected results are aimed at achieving the strategic objectives of Erasmus +, the positive impact of young people on their participation in EVS.

In the long run, the project aims at: a lasting impact on young people – EVS participants, who will develop Competence competences on the labor market; Strengthening the strategic partnership and application of volunteering in the organization; Encouraging multicultural deialogue, tolerance and youth participation among young people involved in the project as well as young people in the target group; Enhancing European integration by exploring new culture and language, sustainability of youth activities related to creativity and culture; Youth Participation and Environmental Protection of the Astika Foundation.


Festival “Carrousel”- this activity will take place between June –  July

Conducting a workshop to prepare activities for the Carrousel Youth Arts Festival, the purpose of the workshop is to generate ideas, scenarios, attract young people to participate in a street festival, as well as to make decors, costumes and art installations for the realization of a festival. The staging will be Burgas. Methods used: workshop, design and production of costumes, decorations and installations, information materials with the logo of the program (flyers and posters, discussions, games, brainstorming, world cafe, forum theater).

Conference of the Future- this activity will be realized at the end of the project in 2020

The purpose of the conference is to hold a regional conference during which to present the results of the strategic EVS, the benefits for young people, the opportunities provided by the European Solidarity Corps, dissemination and application of the results, using the following methods: modeling of discussions on the method “Conference of the Future”, interactive presentations, focus groups, exhibition, photo narrative of volunteers, printing of printed materials. Media and Associated Partners, Hall Hiring, Multimedia, Coffee Puzzles, Food for the Participants. Number of participants 36. Location of the city of Burgas. The action will be held before the end of the project.

Participants will participate in environmental activities, such as enriching forest lands or marking eco paths, herb gathering, organic farming building an eco house, preparing environmentally friendly products, afforestation, etc.

Participants will also realize their own small projects in terms of their opportunities and knowledge and capabilities, and will provide short basics of language courses for the local population.

During the project, participants will have the opportunity to make their own videos in which they will share their experiences with EVS. They will create their own photo albums of activities, which together with short exciting stories will be published in social media (facebook, youtube, etc.) and on the official Internet. Videos and photo material will be presented at an event to present the project results in the public centers of sending organizations. Periodically, volunteers will produce and disseminate press releases and announcements of upcoming events to the media and the target group (based on a prepared mailing list).

In fieldwork and in meetings with the local community, participants will also be informed about their EVS activities for Erasmus + and youth mobility opportunities. The volunteers will make their facebook page and will build a group-network, will periodically publish news and photo and video material for their service as well as prepare events.

During the project, volunteers will take part in shows and interviews of regional radio and television stations / studios, our traditional media partners.

Volunteers will produce Event Flyers as well as EVS information they will disseminate during public events. They will also prepare their own electronic newsletter.

Volunteers will have the opportunity to organize events in the form of eyewitness photojournalism, EVS activities.

After completing the service and returning volunteers to their home country, they will have to organize a public event.

About  the voluteers

concerning the selection of the volunteer must:

– are clearly motivated and personally involved in the project activities as well as in achieving the objectives and results;

– wish to engage in theatrical and festive art,

and environmental issues but not professionally specialized in this area

– are responsible and socially engaged in the following themes: European citizenship, intercultural dialogue, cultural diversity, creativity and entrepreneurship, young people’s participation and inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities;

– Wishing to be actively involved in campaigns and initiatives of the organization promoting European values, social responsibility, civic education, culture and the arts and others not only for youth but also for the whole of European society;

– are willing to work in a multinational team of different ages and backgrounds;

– are tolerant of diversity and open to creative and innovative solutions;

– cohabitation and understanding with young people from different cultures;

– Responsibility and accurate implementation of the tasks;

– a clear understanding of the role and responsibility of the volunteer

– be responsible for the property of the organization and the places where the activities will be carried out, and be good owners in the living quarters where they will be accommodated.

The acquired and developed competencies will be described in the Youthpass certificate. The key competences acquired as a result of volunteering are:

– communication in mother tongue – discussions and conversations with local community youth trained in the relevant foreign language;

– communication of foreign – the volunteers will pass a online licensed Bulgarian language course, which will be able to continue to develop contacts with the local community and the young volunteers of the Astika Foundation;

– mathematical competence – volunteers will plan and spend their monthly budget on their own;

– digital skills – PowerPoint presentations, camera capture, word processing and photo and video editing applications

– skills for self-learning – skills that volunteers will acquire during the service – preparation for tasks, development of their language skills in a foreign language;

– Interpersonal, intercultural, social and civic competences will be acquired through interaction with peers, local community youth, teamwork, solidarity, tolerance,

– entrepreneurial skills – scenario development, preparation and organization of implementation, development of innovative ideas for initiatives, etc.

– expression of cultural and artistic means

Accommodation and assistance

Placement of volunteers will be provided by the host organization.

The volunteers will share a room with other EVS volunteers, the rooms are with everyone

the basic needs covered according to the living standards in Bulgaria.

Each of the volunteers will have a mentor to contact they and the time they will need. The tutors will guide the volunteers the new environment and life in Bulgaria as a whole and we will talk volunteers about their learning goals. The tutors will help the volunteers integrated into the local community and to establish contacts with local people and

different local organizations. The Project Coordinator will assist in any situation of the volunteer.

Financial support

Volunteer funding:

Pocket money 90 euros per month

Money for food 120 euros per month

Travel expenses from the country of arrival and vice versa:

for Italy and Turkey for 275 euros

for Spain at 360 euros (prices are according to the European calculator) It is advisable to use the cheapest possible transport links to the project site)

Money  for private cars and taxis are not recognized !!!

We would also like to remind you to keep your fight board and everyone else

travel tickets, otherwise we can not approve your travel costs if you are traveling

ordinary. One more time,Please keep all your invoices / receipts related to yours

I travel!



Lyubomir Valkov

Mob: +359 878757072


skype: astika2003



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Философско-Психологически клуб всяка събота от 17


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Тренинг курс “Dont lecture about erasing borders/become the eraser”


Фондация „Астика”- Бургас,  набира 3-ма участника за тренинг курс “Dont lecture about erasing borders/become the eraser”, който ще се проведе от 27 април до 6 май 2018 г. в град Битоля, Република Македония.

Този курс на обучение ще даде шанс на младежките работници още веднъж да проучат всички пречки, пред които са изправени имигрантите и бежанците, ще обсъдят процеса на радикализация и ще се съсредоточат върху творчески и иновативни решения за ефективно включване на мигранти и бежанци.

Участниците трябва да имат опит в такива събития и да имат добри умения по английски език.


Моля изпращайте вашите кандидатури на e-mail:  до 10.04.2018

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Сдружение “АСУ Делфи” набира младежки обучители по проект “Recognize & Change”


Сдружение “АСУ Делфи”, регионален партньор по проект “Recognize & Change” / “Приеми и промени”(bg text) на Община Торино (Италия)


Заявка за младежки обучители (YE) за проект “Recognize & Change”/ “Приеми и промени” (bg text) на Община Торино, Италия

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Виж чистотата на въздуха!


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Празничен Никулден



Снимка с кмета на Бургас, след хорото с младежите доброволци.

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 КатегорияХуманитарни дейности

Рада Пандева от гр.Стамболийски


Категория спорт и физическа активност

Васил Динев от гр.Бургас 

КатегорияЧовешки права 

Виктор Николов от гр.София

КатегорияКлтура и изкуство 

 Клуб „Carrousel”

Призът  в категорията получи лидерът на клубът АннаМария  Жлебинкова

 Категория –  Международни дейности

Иван Иванов от гр.София    







Национални награди “Доброволец на Годината”


Публикувахте от Lyubomir Angelov Valkov в 23 ноември 2017 г.

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Световен ден на тоалетната


На 19 ноември 2017г., по повод Световния ден на тоалетната  фондация „Астика”-МИКЦ  Астика, сдружение “Младежка доброволческа мрежа”( със своите 12 инициативи), сдружение „АСУ Делфи” доброволци по Европейска доброволческа служба на програма „Еразъм+” и EKOTOI  проведохме мащабно събитие с информационно-развлекателен характер.

ПЪРФОРМЪНС с моноблокове от който  посетителите научиха важни факти, свързани с деня, насочващ вниманието ни към глобалната санитарна криза.

ЗА ГОЛЯМАТА НАГРАДА  Беше организаиран ФОТОКОНКУРС –  за „Най-добрата

снимка от ТОАЛЕТНАТА“.  всеки имаше възможност да избере къде да се телепортира – в ДИСКО ТОАЛЕТНАТА КАБИНКА или пък в ОСТРОВНАТА ПРИКАЗНА КАБИНКА. След това  избираха парти аксесоарите за своята снимка, която екипът заснемаше. Снимките на всички, които се включиха  в конкурса  бяха качени на фейсбук страницата на EKOTOI, като в рамките на седмица (от 20 до 27 ноември) всеки можеше да гласува за своя фаворит. СНИМКАТА, СЪБРАЛА НАЙ-МНОГО ХАРЕСВАНИЯ ПО ВРЕМЕ НА КОНКУРСА, ДОНЕСЕ НА ПОБЕДИТЕЛЯ/ПОБЕДИТЕЛИТЕ ГОЛЯМАТА НАГРАДА – ЕКШЪН КАМЕРА SJCAM 6 LEGEND.


ЗАЩО Е ВАЖНО ДА МИЕМ РЪЦЕТЕ СИ? Използвани бяха мобилните мивки, осигурени от EKOTOI, всеки участник да измие ръцете си и да научи защо е важно да ги мием.

ЗОНА ЗА РИСУВАНЕ – Всички желаещи оставиха своето послание по повод Световния ден на тоалетната с което имаха възможност да рисуват или пишат върху винили.


Знаете ли, че:

19 ноември е Световният ден на тоалетната. Чества се от 2002 г. съгласно решение, взето на Първата международна конференция на Световната организация на тоалетните в Сингапур.


2013 е годината, в която ООН призна 19 ноември за официален Световен ден на тоалетната.


Средно три години от живота си прекарваме в тоалетната.


60% от учениците в България избягват да използват тоалетните в училище.


Повече хора умират в резултат на това, че нямат тоалетна, отколкото от ХИВ, малария и туберкулоза взети заедно.


Броят на хората, които нямат достъп до чиста тоалетна, е равен на населението на 300 града като Ню Йорк.


15% от световното население облекчават своите нужди на открито.


222 милиона е броят на тоалетните в 114 милиона домакинства в Щатите. За сравнение: в Индия има 247 милиона домакинства с 89,8 милиона тоалетни!


Във филма „Психо“ за първи път се показва пускане на сифон на тоалетна, което води до редица оплаквания за непристойно поведение.


За първи път тоалетната е била разделена на мъжка и женска през 1739 г. по време на шикозно парти в Париж.


Микробите по клавиатурата на компютъра са пет пъти повече от тези в тоалетната, а на бутон в асансьора са около 40 пъти повече.


Повече хора по света имат достъп до мобилни телефони, отколкото до тоалетни.


Първата кабинка в редица от тоалетни е винаги най-малко използвана, което я прави и най-чистата от всички.


Тоалетната използва повече вода отколкото всеки един уред в домакинството.


Средната продължителност на живота на една тоалетна е 50 години.


Четките за почистване на тоалетните се изработват със същите машини, с които се правят и изкуствените коледни дръвчета.


Средно на ден се произвеждат 83,048,116 рула тоалетна хартия.

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Доброволец на годината


Фондация “Астика” получи свидетелство за регистрация на марка.

С регистрационен № 99161 от 14.09.2017 г., Патентното ведомство на Република България официално регистрира марката “ДОБРОВОЛЕЦ НА ГОДИНАТА” като притежание на фондация “Астика”, за следващите 10 години.

Регистрацията на марката е заслужено признание за активната дейност на фондацията, за насърчаване и поощряване на доброволчеството в България.

На 5 декември 2017 г. в град Бургас, в КЦ “Морско казино” за VII-ма поредна година, фондация “Астика” ще връчи годишните призове “Доброволец на годината”. Номинациите за конкурса се осъществяват онлайн, до 19 ноември 2017 г., на следния интернет адрес:

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