Who we are

We are Astika Foundation

ASTIKA Foundation was established on June 27, 2003, in the city of Burgas.

The name „Astika“ combines history, spirit and knowledge of the ancient geographical area Astika (Latin ASTIKUS), the territory of today’s Strandzha.

The organization is registered in BRP, under file no. 1896/2003. It is entered in the Register of non-profit legal entities for carrying out public benefit activities, at the Ministry of Justice, under number 20080410001. It is entered in the National Information System for Youth of the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Since 2011 it has been accredited as a host, sending and coordinating organization under the European Voluntary Service under number 2012-BG-14. From 2020, the organization has a quality mark as a host, sending and coordinating organization under the European Solidarity Corps program.

Goals of the organization

Supporting cooperation between territorial communities and authorities in the areas of: regional development, social and economic cohesion, ensuring equal opportunities for citizens, environmental protection, and the development of civil society. Creating conditions for social integration, reintegration and adaptation of disadvantaged citizens and persons. Promoting social entrepreneurship and civic initiative. Promotion and popularization of European values ​​and achievements in the social, cultural and educational sphere. Youth activities, promotion and strengthening of volunteering in Bulgaria, solidarity activities to ensure the need to deal with current and future crises, to guide European youth in their quest for a better EU.

Main activities of the organization:

Youth Information and Consulting Center, non-formal education and informing young people about projects and volunteering; implementation of youth volunteer campaigns and initiatives; youth exchanges.

Among the main topics for non-formal learning of young people are: „volunteering as a philosophy and way of life“; tolerance and multicultural dialogue; human rights and non-discrimination; European citizenship; motivational trainings; Career development; entrepreneurship; conflict management and mediation; social responsibility of young people, etc.


We chose to help!

We are a youth and volunteer organization.

Astika Foundation is the founder and inspirer of the Youth Volunteer Network (founded on December 4, 2010).

On 4 December 2010 , the Foundation established a national prize “ Volunteer of the Year“ , which was awarded to the first time on 5 December 2011, on the occasion of International Volunteer Day . Since then, the competition is held annually .

Free Zone
Implementation of leisure activities of young people , the goal is to increase their motivation for their own development and participation in public life through volunteering, and leisure areas . The action provided for implementation of initiatives and campaigns related to “ World Youth Days activity „, “ European Week for youth activity “ and “ International Youth Day “ – August 12. Besides these will be realized and traditional initiatives for the organization and the youth of the region : “ Tea Party Youth Volunteer Day „, “ International Day of arms „, “ International Day of Tolerance “ and “ Green Days – E -Waste ! „, “ youth exchange ideas , „“ earth Hour “ campaign to prevent HIV / AIDS and youth cultural events dedicated to the Day of Love (14 February) and the day of the book.

Initiatives YICC “ Astika “ :

Youth exchange ideas ( September 2014 )
Goodwill Games ( August 12th „International Youth Day )
e- waste ? – waste it! ( constant)
Green Days (April- May 2014 )
„Tea Party“ ( December 5, 2014 )

Initiatives that support :

Earth Hour ( March 2014 )
European Week for movement and sport ( October 2014 )
International Day for Tolerance – „Tolerance harmony in diversity “ ( November 2014 )


Provision of reliable and systematic information satisfying a wide range of interests and needs of young people. Will be in the following areas : EU youth programs and projects , volunteering opportunities for professional development , youth employment , entrepreneurship, human and civil rights , personal fulfillment , leisure , social development of young people, non-formal education , youth participation , mobility, environment and health. Services will be provided at the central office in Burgas information specialist and by posting on the website , social networks and implementation of mobile temporary admission to the settlements of the partner municipalities.


Join the us

Youth Volunteer Network


volunteers over the age of 14 years
participation in youth volunteer initiatives and activities
in the following areas :

– Tolerance and non-discrimination
– Youth policy and European identity
– Culture, Arts and Leisure
– Public participation and advocacy
– Social Affairs and Health
– Protection of the environment , urban and rural areas

Become part of our young and ambitious team of volunteers !

Recording : Tel : 088 6136589 – Anton Konarov
e-mail: dobro_volec@abv.bg




Development of programs and trainings on topics selected through a study on the interests , needs and problems of youth community. Training are to acquire knowledge and experience in various fields of construction and implementation of the individual. Will be implemented training ( training / workshops ) for: tolerance and intercultural communication , media work and effective presentation, team building , human rights, youth workers , conflict management and mediation , prevention of risky social behavior , development of youth projects .
During the activity will be used informal methods of training , lectures , role plays , presentations, group work , etc. .



Expect ads to national competitions:
„My Blue Summer“ every year from 24 may to 15 september.
„Volunteering as a philosophy and way life“ 
“ Volunteer of the Year“ every year

Information about competitions and electronic form will be posted here after their announcement.

Volunteer of the Year
National Contest “ Volunteer of the Year“ was established on December 4, 2010 The main organizer of the competition is the “ Astika “ which annually conducts the selection of nominees in seven categories .

Award winners for 2011,2012, 2013.2014, 2015, 2016,2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

Volunteering as a philosophy and way of life
„Volunteering as a philosophy and way of life “ is a national competition for photographs , photo stories and short videos depicting the life and works of volunteers

My blue summer
„My blue summer “ is nionalen poetry contest for children and young people in two age categories: 7 to 14 and 15-19

Youth Information and Counseling Center


aims to provide quality and affordable services to match the needs and interests of young people.


Our mission is :

· To increase the motivation of young people in public life

· To encourage youth volunteering , business and leisure areas .

· To assist the implementation of youth communities and adaptability to European values ​​and standards –

· To provide quality information and advisory services and informal learning of young people.

INFO: EU youth programs and projects , volunteering opportunities for professional development , youth employment , entrepreneurship, human and civil rights , personal fulfillment , leisure , social development of young people, informal learning , education, youth participation , mobility , environment and health, and many others.

CONSULTATIONS : psychologist , social – health consultant , professional and career development , entrepreneurship and youth employment , legal issues, civil rights and mediation
informal training

intercultural Dialogue
career Development
project development
effective communication and others.
Participation in voluntary initiatives “ FREEZONE “ :

Youth Activity Days – August  and April 
International Youth Day – August 12
Tea Party Youth Volunteer Day – December 5
International Day of arms – January 21
International Tolerance Day – November 16
Green Days – E -Waste !
Exchange of youth ideas – November  and May 
Earth Hour – March 
Campaign to prevent HIV / AIDS – December 1 February 14
Day of Love – February 14
Book Day and many others.


Astika Foundation ….



                Project „Festival Carrousel“                


Location: Burgas, Bulgaria

Short-term project: from June 1 to July 31, 2016

Participants: Spain; Portugal, Latvia, France, Bulgaria

Objective: Preparation and implementation of international youth festival of street arts (theater, music, art, installations, living statues, circus, etc.). The festival will take place in the beginnings of the month of July 2016 in the village of Lozenets Burgas region.

Activities: The project participants will be involved in activities to prepare the festival for street art; scenario, conducting rehearsals for performances, art workshops, preparation of sets and costumes, art installations. Participation in the realization of the festival and its promotion activities in Bulgaria and the sending organization. Preparation of multimedia products.


Age 18-30

creativity; active participation in the activities; good motivation; tolerance; Ability to work in team; coexistence and understanding with young people from different cultures; responsibility and accurate performance on tasks; communication; skills for interaction with the audience; previous experience as a volunteer; clear understanding of the role and responsibility of the volunteer; previous participation in theater is predimsto; willingness to work.

Advantages: fluency in Spanish; English Russian

Application: CV and motivation letter; conducting Skype interview